Custom Calendar View

I’ve started working on a custom calendar for the program.
Logan Rockmore has a custom calendar that I will probably use as a starting point for the calendar. It’s pretty good but has significant drawing issues, and leaves a little to be desired. I’ll release the source after I feel that the code will be stable and useful. I’m planning on releasing the graph views source as well. If it’s possible and not too much work, they will both be Interface Builder plugins, so as to make everyone’s life a little easier.

I’m trying to figure out how to best allow users to enter variable amounts of weight, reps and sets for a particular workout. I think this may be the most difficult task so far. Trying to ensure the program is easy to use remains my top priority. A person shouldn’t really have to read any documentation on how to log their workouts and nutrition – it should be straight forward. Even generating results should be a no-brainer. The purpose of software is to save you time not waste it.

Here’s to hoping they add more hours to the day!☺


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