Major Updates, v 1.0 in beta at

November 1, 2009

Screenshots attached.

If you want to beta test, head over to and sign up for a free account to help with beta testing.


Fitness Beta Live.

June 13, 2009

Contact me at: jericho at un-grounded dot com for access to the beta program.

A form request at will be coming soon.

Fitness Beta Screenshot

Fitness Beta Screenshot

Fitness 1.0 Beta 1 coming Friday.

June 10, 2009

New Website and Beta Coming Soon.

June 1, 2009

I’ve started a new website which will be the home of Fitness.

I am also accepting people to test out the early beta of Fitness which will be available in about two weeks.

If you are interested, email me: jericho at un-grounded dot com.


Still here…

March 9, 2009

I apologize for the serious lack of updates. The project is still going strong, but taking a bit longer than I had hoped. I won’t make any drop-dead promises on a release date, but soon there will be an announcement for beta testers that could result in a free copy of Fitness when it does hit 1.0.

Any recommendations for what you want in a desktop fitness app will be seriously considered.

Calendars and Events.

October 1, 2008

If anyone wants to play with the code for the calendar view, here it is. You can compile and run it as it is, double-clicking on any day will add an event object to the calendar that will remain visible while the program is running. There still are quite a few things that need to be done and fixed, but it’s pretty complete right now and renders very fast. Check it out HERE

JSCalendar v0.1

JSCalendar v0.1

It’s Summer Already!

August 9, 2008

This summer has gone by way too fast. A small post to let anyone out there know that I have been working on this thing with whatever time I can muster. I got quite a bit done under way, but not nearly as much as I hoped. In addition, the calendar view I was going to use was taking too much time to get it working, so I had to go ahead and make my own. I think it will be much more robust and will look and behave better than the one I was going to use anyway. Here is a picture of it by itself:

A new calendar class that looks and behaves nice.

A new calendar class that looks and behaves nice.

If there are people out there, and I know a few of you find this blog occasionally, I’d gladly accept input on features and other ideas you may want out of a fitness tracking application.